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Programs and Services


Health Promotion--Disease Prevention Programs

Project House Calls© is an nationally recognized, award winning project that provides wellness programs and services for housing communities and disadvantaged and underserved seniors. The primary focus of Project House Calls is to ensure health promotion and disease prevention programs that help seniors manage minor illnesses from developing into major medical issues and costs. Additionally, the programs and services produce savings for the resident, retirement facility, area hospitals, the community and Medicare, Medicaid and the insurance industry.

Strategic Objectives

  • Chronic disease prevention and self-management

  • Emphasize health promotion, early intervention and ongoing health assessments

  • Reduce health care costs for retirement facility, area hospitals, the community & the insurance industry

  • Maximize use of community and resident resources

  • Promote the dignity and independence for every resident/patient.

Project Components

  • PEP’ Program – Prescriptions Education Program – medication/case management for each resident choosing to participate in the prevention programs.

  • USE IT OR LOSE IT – Physical and Occupational Therapy Program — in-house services provided in the Health Center. Speech and language therapists are scheduled as needed.

  • Licensed Social Worker – connecting residents to vital programs and services.

  • Health Education Programs – Preventive education is more effective and less expensive than crisis programs. The programs focus on healthy living and delaying their premature entry into a nursing home. The programs empower seniors to make lifestyle changes that will reduce their risk of disease, disability, and injury. The programs focus on interventions such as chronic disease self-management, fall prevention, exercise, and nutrition.

  • Medical and community services – medical and community partnerships providing contractual affiliations with local teaching hospitals, universities, physicians & regional schools of nursing.

For the Resident

Promotes healthy living and independence

Restores resident dignity and quality of life

Provides lifestyle choices and flexibility

Increases awareness of safety and security.

Financial Savings

Retirement facility – reduces resident turnover and costs to upgrade apartments

Hospitals – non-collectable emergency room visits and unnecessary hospitalizations

Community -- reduces utilization of local and state social services and/or home health services

Medicare, Medicaid and the insurance industry – fewer physician office visits, emergency room visits and/or hospital tests and admittance


Community resources not exhausted with overuse

Healthy seniors mean “strength in numbers” for volunteering in schools, churches, and hospitals.

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