Come grow old with me, the best is yet to be.

About Canterbury


Canterbury House is such a wonderful place to live in the heart of downtown Charleston. I know that all of the residents find it a convenient place to live and a great place to make friends! My greetings to all of the residents.


Canterbury's History & Resident Services

Canterbury HouseEpiscopal Diocesan Housing, Inc. (dba) Canterbury House initial occupancy occurred August 15, 1971 and is officially recognized as the oldest Section 202 elderly property in South Carolina. The Charleston, SC property contains 250 unassisted units and likewise, offers supportive health and social services necessary to assist elderly residents remain independent. 

Canterbury House is unique in that it combines affordable housing with additional support systems to positively impact the quality of life of each resident.

They feel that by providing services beyond those funded by net revenue, the facility allows residents to remain active, productive members of the community. Independent residents have a renewed focus as volunteers with outside organizations; healthy seniors mean “strength in numbers” for volunteering in schools, churches and hospitals. Canterbury House also has an affiliation with the Medical University of South Carolina School and provides a clinical teaching site for their medical and nursing students.

Please view Programs and Services to learn more about the award winning project that provides wellness programs and services for housing communities and disadvantaged and under-served seniors.

Typical services offered by Canterbury House:

  • Special services: award winning wellness program staffed by registered nurse, licensed social worker and volunteer physicians.

  • Programs providing case management and medial assessments for residents needing better coordination with their personal physicians.

  • Extensive preventive health education program.

  • Physical, occupational and speech therapy avai

About the Canterbury House

Canterbury House is a nonprofit senior living community located in the heart of historic Charleston, South Carolina. The Canterbury House campus is comprised of two buildings and available to anyone 62 or older who meets annual income guidelines. Canterbury House West is a thirteen-story high-rise with 204 apartments.

A single, annual income of not more than $
34,650 or a family annual income of not more than $39,600 is required. Income guidelines are set and subject to revision by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Episcopal Diocesan Housing, Inc.

(HUD Affordable Housing)
175 Market Street
Charleston, South Carolina 29401

About Canterbury East

Canterbury East is a four-story building with 46 apartments; five units are designed for the physically disabled.

A single annual income cannot exceed $21,700 or a family income of $25,200. Income guidelines are set and subject to revision by HUD.

Elderly Housing Inc.

(HUD Section 8)
165 Market Streeet
Charleston, South Carolina 29401

Executive Director

Sally Lorbach Ph. D. has returned as the Executive Director of Canterbury House. Sally served as the Executive Director of the retirement community from 1999 until 2002.

"Canterbury House is a happy home," she says. “Our 255+ residents are diverse, resilient, fiercely independent and remain active productive members of the Charleston community. We often say, 'come grow old with me; the best is yet to be.' Please come and visit us at Canterbury House." 


Canterbury House

165/175 Market Street, Charleston, South Carolina 29401
Telephone (843) 723-5553 Fax (843) 577-5397